About Me

Becky Patton LoganWelcome to my home on the Internet which is filled with answers to the questions I ask myself, big ones like Can my husband and I renovate a 100+-year-old Victorian home? and little ones like What is the best online fresh ingredient meal delivery service? 

I have learned so much, I could write a book. Oh yeah! I already have Catch Up: The Guide to Understanding and Using Today’s Technology. My curiosity has branched beyond technology, who knows maybe I will write another book one day, but for now, I am enjoying writing posts about my experiences with products, services, and information I find.  Maybe I can save someone else time, energy, money, and /or aggravation.

Random Facts About Me

12. I like ellipsis …

11. I want to be a writer when I grow up.

10. If my dog doesn’t like someone I probably won’t either.

9. I have watched every episode, of every city of Real Housewives.

8. I love good stories, watching them, reading them, listening to them and writing them.

7. Pinnacle Whipped Vodka with just about anything but preferably Diet Cherry 7Up or Diet Dr. Pepper is served most days at 5:00.

6. I have always dreamed of renovating an old house and now I have my chance see Our Red Roof House.

5. I thank God for reminding me daily that I am imperfect but that I’m perfect to Him.

4. I can find anything online

3. I offer marketing services to authors at BeckyPLogan.com

2. I love to buy new pens and use them in fun planners (currently Erin Condren Life Planner

1. The rest is still unwritten

More Than You Ever Wanted To Know

In 2011 I wrote and published my first book Catch Up: A Guide to Understanding Technology as the first in a series, The Retired Housewife’s Guides to Technology The plan was to publish eBooks on topics like Social Media, Blogging, and Amazon. Similar to the Dummies books but written specifically for women over 40.

I don’t believe in Murphy’s Law, but I do believe we plan and God laughs. God got a good belly laugh out of that one.

My proclamation of retirement turned out to be premature. My son was a sophomore in high school. He was always independent and I figured once he started driving I would have a lot more free time. But after suffering two concussions in less than a month, he needed me more than ever. His health and well-being became my number one priority. 

Since then my son has graduated from high school. My time has mostly been freed from the 4 C’s of Housewife/Mommyhood (cooking, cleaning, carpooling and cheering.)

Technology has become a part of even the most reluctant baby boomer’s and Gen Xer’s lives. Everyone who wants to know the basics knows the basics. So I am shifting the focus of the Retired Housewife blog away from teaching technology to sharing technology through products and services I use and love.